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November 22, 2010 / Brett Cohrs

Resetting This Blog

After a quick review of my first few entries, it is apparent I need a more focused and consistent approach. If you are an insurance or nonprofit professional, please weigh in.

My goal with this space is to educate nonprofit professionals on risk management and insurance ideas and methods–without being tedious and boring.  I hope to be a resource to you regarding questions about insurance basics (some insurance policies are pretty similar to those held by for profit companies) and risk management issues that are more specific to your industry.

To achieve that goal, I’ll have weekly features on nonprofit claim examples and coverage specifics.  I’ll sprinkle in some other posts of interest: executive director interviews, guest features, and other items related to managing the risk of nonprofits.

To durther break it down…

Nonprofit Specific Coverages: Every couple weeks, I will feature a different element of a policy that is especially helpful for nonprofits. For example, I might discuss why a professional liability policy is important even if the nonprofit doesn’t employ degreed professionals. Or perhaps how an abuse policy addresses client to client abuse situations.

Types of Social Services: These will review risk management and insurance specific to certain types of nonprofits or social services. It’s no secret that the nonprofit world mirrors the for profit world. Therefore, there is a vast array of organizations that are have tax exempt status, from schools and churches to museums and foundations from insurance companies and technology service providers to community development corporations and child welfare organizations.

General Insurance 101: These posts will address insurance basics–commercial property, auto, workers’ compensation, etc. Is mold covered? What in the world is hired/nonowned auto liability?

Claim Examples: What are some real life applications of when insurance solved a problem for a nonprofit? What happened and which coverage came to bear? If you have some from your experience, please feel free to share.

Risk Management: Whenever I come across some interesting risk management perspectives or suggestions, I’ll pass them along. 

Question: If you’re a nonprofit professional, are there any other items that you might find helpful out of an insurance/risk management blog?  


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